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Parque Naçional da Chapada Diamantina

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Maybe we rushed south a little quick, so decided to move north a little to go to the Chapada Diamontina national park. I could copy and paste a whole section out of wikipedia, but time is literally money in an internet cafe!!

Stayed at the Pousada dos Douendes, which was really nice. Met Lobke in the taxi on the way there, She ignored me when i said hi, but ¨didnt make it clear enough the first time¨, and was then forced into being friends!

We took a day tour of a few attractions of the park. Swam in tea coloured water. Walked through a huge cave. Walked up a mountail for sunset . .






The next day we went for a walk described in the lonely planet as easily done without a guide. After 30 minutes of walking along the same pathes, crossing a river onl to find we had to cross back, we decided to enlist the help of an 10 year old guide. Who took us straight there! He had to abandon us at a waterfall (i think it was time for homework) We followed some french dudes back and made friends on the way.

We went for a walk to a natural waterslide which was fun, Suzie and Lobke went down together and screamewd like they were falling off a building.

That night we went to a BBQ round at ¨the french´s¨ place, it was safe!

Caio Lobke and Elo:


Goodbye Lencois, back to Salvador:

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Fuck work, lets surf.

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Leaving Salvador was a little sadder than i thought, which was supprising as Suz and Daniel had coined it ¨the Shit Hole¨. We travelled to 7 hour bus ride to Itacare with no problems. Itacare is a small Surfing town, with several picturesque beaches 10 mins walk away. We have spend 13 days here, in Buddies puosada, catered for by Jonathon, Janey and Mary-elaina. We spent the first few days with Daniel, after this we:

Relaxed on the beach.


Had a Barb with our Israeli friends.


Walked through the jungle.


Learned some surfing with Curuzo. I am Shit.


Tackled a high level rope course.


And made a new friend.


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Cultural Gem??!

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So we arrived in salvador around midday on the 3rd of july.

Despite what the guide books had told us, we were shocked by the state of the place. The number of people trying to make a living from the street was high, with this came the feeling that you had to watch your stuff (and your suz) at all times.

Stayed in a great place though, the Nega Maluca (translated: crazy nigger) and met some cool people.


We saw, Local Women.


A local ¨convento¨. Modest.



A Square in the Pelo.


Listened to live music, relaxed in the hammocks, ate some food (well, i guess you could call it food) and had some fun. After a few days i was ready to leave, we decided to follow Daniel down the coast to Itacare.

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France and the MARUBA MAXIMA

Lesson one, How to get to Brazil.

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So the start included a ferry to Le Havre, and a one night stay there.

We then got on the Container ship, The MARUBA MAXIMA for ten days of Relaxing:





And new friends:





Next stop salvador.

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